About us

In 2008 the Janssen Maritime Transport Consulting GmbH was founded after the merging of the successful companies Transport Cargo Communication (TCC) and VANAV Maritime Beratungsgesellschaft mbH.

In the internet age information is available almost boundlessly. Without qualified selection and evaluation, information becomes worthless and useless for companies. JMTC GmbH selects and analyses information for their clients in field of international sea economic, transports and defence logistic. In addition, since the beginning of 2018, we have been systematically expanding our expertise in the area of new, innovative technologies. Above all, in the future market of artificial intelligence.

Our clients are companies, institutions and organisations with a focus on global developments. To fulfil these requirements, JMTC GmbH is working together with a team of freelancer all over the world, who are experts in their fields.